April 2011 Residual Value Request

Forgot to post this from last time….


WE SEE Mike Coury of Team Reynolds Style meekly seated at table facing Jay Lamm.  Andy is standing behind Mike for support.

                         If you knew those fucking Judges.
                         They're nuts. Especially that Judge Phil.
                         What am I going to do with them?

                         But I'm worried. I'm hearing all
                         kinds of things. Jay.  You know
                         me all my driving career.  I've always 
                         done the right thing. Barely any black flags,
                         Bribing even when we get Zero BS Laps
                         You think that matters?  You think
                         they give a shit about anything?
                         The little bastards still put you in Group A.

                         But it isn't right, Jay.
                         That Phil, he's making trouble
                         for me all over the Paddock. He put us in group A.
                         I can't compete here.  I have 100 fucking horse.

                         You?  You think you're the only
                         one?  I've talked to them a million
                         times, but they don't listen.

                         But, Jay, please, we only finished 5th.

                              (barely listening)
                         Someday they'll get what's coming
                         to them. That's the only way they'll

                         Jay, I swear, I'm afraid. The
                         guy's nuts. What do I have to do?
                         Whatever I gotta do, I'll do.

                              (arms outstretched
                              like a saint)
                         What can I do? If I could do
                         something, don't you think I would?

               MIKE looks up at ANDY for support.

                              (to MIKE)
                         Tell him. It's okay.


                         I was thinking that maybe you could
                         give me a good price. Take a piece off
                         the top. If you were to do say $250,
                         maybe than they'd have to lay off.

                         What, do I need ...

                         I mean it. We could do good. The car is in one
                         piece, it just needs something, a junk yard turbo,
                         or a new head, something..to make us competitive.

                         You want a residual value?


               EXT. Gingerman Raceway - OUTSIDE - DAY

               WE SEE boxes with turbos, headers, piles of tires, even
               tools like air guns and large torque wrenches are being unloaded
               and delivered into the pit.

                         Now the guy's got a residual value from Jay.
                         Any problems, he goes to Jay. Trouble with the track?
                         He can go to Jay. Trouble with the
                         other teams? Black Flags? Judge Phil?
                         He can call Jay.
                         But now the guy has got to come up
                         with Jay's money every week,
                         no matter what. Business bad? Fuck
                         you, pay me. You had a fire?  Fuck
                         you, pay me.  The place got hit by
                         lighting? Fuck you, pay me.  Also,
                         Jay could do anything. Especially
                         buy the car out from under their noses
                         for $500. Why not? Nobody's gonna pay
                         for it anyway.
 Thanks Jay!!
 - Team Reynolds Style

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